Brandan walks us through how we are the vine and there are times in our life where God chooses to prune us. Not because its easy or it feels good, but...View Details

Listen in as George explains how Disney may offer happiness and joy for a couple days, but then it ends. In Philippians, we find a joy that is everlas...View Details

To pray or not to pray, if God has already planned out the fate of the world what good is it for me to pray? Brandan explores the prayer paradox by lo...View Details

As parents, we have a responsibility to teach our children a number of lessons but the most important of all is pointing them to Christ. This is not a...View Details

Listen in as Brandan talks about a topic people love to give advice on but never happily accept, PARENTING... Dun dun dun... Brandan reminds us our id...View Details

Why is this man wearing a sweater on his head? Where is Brandan to stop this nonsense? Is it a new trend? (I hope not) Listen in as George Aubrey take...View Details

Listen in as Brandan is back this week as he continues to examine what it takes to get from "here" to "there". 

Join us in welcoming Dorian Baker from Life Ticket Church in Herndon, Va as he speaks to how we have received the tools and techniques to wrestle with...View Details

Brandan continues using his "Here 2 There" chair analogy, and reminds us as we start to take make changes in our lives everything will likely fall apa...View Details

Listen in this week as special guest Jon Holland looks at how our praise has a greater purpose and impact that affects not only us but those around us...View Details

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