Brandan continues his Rooted series this week, this week he looks at patience, kindness, and goodness. So listen in an learn up.

This week Brandan continued his talk on the FRUIT of the spirit, today he focused on love, joy, and peace. He also went into a number of ways to check...View Details

Unfortunatly Brandan was not willing to sing the Fruits of the Spirit song to us this morning. He was on the other hand able to remind us it is not ou...View Details

This week we had the privilage of hearing from Mark DeYmaz, the founder of  Mosaic Church of Central Arkansas. Through using theology as the why behin...View Details

Its the finall week of our annual #MeToo series. Brandan continues in Mathew 4 examining how the devil did not tempt Jesus once and then leave Him alo...View Details

Continuing our #MeToo series, in part 3 Brandan looks at one of the struggles of doing what God has told us to do. it is easy in the beggininng but as...View Details

This week we continued our #MeToo series, in part 2 Brandan looks at how through out our lives we have been making decisions based on who others have ...View Details

As a church with real people with real lives learning to follow Jesus, we take this time of year to call on those who call Canvas Church home to share...View Details

This week Brandan looks at Genesis 3:1-13 and explores the topic of shame. Reminding us God's love doesn't change based on our actions, we are loved n...View Details

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