Invisible Neighbors -Brandan Thomas- Canvas Church

December 3, 2017

This week Brandan brings a message tying up the book our small groups went through called Invisible Neighbors. He takes a look at Luke 14 where Jesus hangs out with the religious " rule cops" as they try to catch Jesus working on the Sabbath. Jesus doesn't disappoint He heals a man and calls BS on a man excited about sitting at a table in heaven.


The Bucket List #4 -Brandan Thomas- Canvas Church

November 29, 2017

Listen in as we wrap up our series The Bucket List where Pastor Brandan teaches from Luke 12 and how to navigate through the illusion of peace to learn and become peacemakers. 


The Bucket List #3 -Brandan Thomas- Canvas Church

November 20, 2017

Join us for another adventure in choosing a bucket list worth living. This week Brandan has a message from Luke 12 for all the worry worts you know, so be sure to share the podcast link with them. :) Also a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you listeners, my your Thanksgiving be full of turkey and other side dishes served on Thanksgiving. 


The Bucket List #2 -Brandan Thomas- Canvas Church

November 12, 2017

In the second installment of our Bucket List series, Brandan looks at how Christ didn't want people to hoard up riches on earth, but provide for those in need around them. No, it isn't a sin to be rich, you don't have to sell everything and live in a van down by the river. Anyway back to how Canvas is already full of amazing people who give, Brandan has a couple of incredible announcements about how Canvas was able to help the poor and powerless because of your generosity.


The Bucket List #1 -Brandan Thomas- Canvas Church

November 6, 2017

Thank you for listening in to the first message of our Bucket List Series. This week we have a brief message from a special guest Nick Boring, but don't let the last name fool you he is anything but boring. Then Brandan will jump right into Luke 12:1-7 as he looks at a topic all too common in todays church as a whole, hypocrisy. 


Jesus Hijacked Pt 5- Brandan Thomas- 10/29/2017

October 30, 2017


Brandan Thomas finishes out the Jesus Hijacked series. Brandan is all over the new testament this week looking at how Jesus was a strong, servant leader who was willing to go first. So put your headphones in, listen up and learn something to make a difference in your life this week.    


Jesus Hijacked Pt 4- Josh Parsons- 10/22/2017

October 23, 2017

This week we hear from Josh Parsons as he continues Part 4 the Jesus Hijacked Series. Josh explains the importance of the people of God being the presence of Jesus to those around us. Just as Jesus was to those around Him in John 11 as He raised Lazarus from the dead.



Jesus Hijacked Pt 3 - Brandan Thomas - 10/15/2017

October 15, 2017

In this weeks podcast we continue with part 3 of the Jesus Hijacked Series. Brandan teaches from Luke 18:9-14. Between the Pharasees and the tax collector, one was self righteous while the other was aware of thier faults, one was looking horizontal and the other vertical. Both were welcomed to the table but only one showed up.